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Black History is the story of people of African descent. People from Africa were first brought to the Americas before the United States even existed. The first Africans were brought as slaves to provide forced labor in the American colonies that would become the United States. The first African slaves arrived in 1619.


The history of blacks in the United States begins with slavery. This is one of the sad Black History facts. Men, women and children were taken from their homes in Africa to be sold. White landowners in the United States used these people as labor in the agricultural economy of the early United States.


Incredible abuse and terrible crimes occurred during slavery. The harsh conditions of slavery lasted until the Civil War, when Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.


Negro History Week Was the Start of Black History in the 1900’s

The term negro is not used today. People of African descent who live in the United States are considered African-Americans or blacks. It is only in the last 20 years or so that the term blacks has become acceptable for use.


Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History introduced Negro History Week in 1926. They set the second week of February as Negro History Week.

The goal of Negro History Week was to educate kids on the history of blacks in the United States. Woodson felt that by teaching Black History facts, black culture could be preserved.


The popularity of Negro History Week continued to grow and was adopted in more places around the country. It was nearly 50 years later that students at Kent State University proposed the week should be a month and it should be called Black History Month. The first Black History Month was celebrated in 1970.


Six years later, as part of the United States Bicentennial in 1976, Black History Month was officially established in the United States as the month of February.

Black History is also observed in Canada and the United Kingdom

One of the little known Black History facts is that Black History is observed in other countries. People from Africa were taken as slaves and servants to Canada, the United Kingdom and many other countries.


As a result, Black History Month is celebrated in countries other than the United States. Black History Month was first celebrated in the United Kingdom in 1987. In the United Kingdom, Black History Month is the month of October.


Canadians first recognized Black History Month in 1995, through their House of Commons. In 2008, the Canadian Senate unanimously approved a motion to recognize February as Black History Month in Canada.


Black history means an opportunity to look back at the struggle, triumph and lessons of yesterday. It is an honor to pay homage to all of the people who worked hard and sacrificed so generations to come can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

From Website:  https://interesting-facts.com/black-history-facts


50+ Ministry Trip to Washington DC

Smithsonian National Museum of

African American History and Culture

Dates:  September 7-11, 2020

Cost:  $585.00 per person (Double Occupancy)

    $883 per person (Single Occupancy)

Includes round trip bus fare, room for bus driver, tip for three drivers,

Hampton Inn hotel room ($149 per day),

American breakfast and two lunches

Upon  16 deposited requests, a 56-passenger bus can be ordered


Departure:  September 7, 2020 - Lamers Bus Co. leaves NCMBC Parking Lot


Museum:  September 8, 2020 and September 9, 2020

Frederick Douglass Site/Madame Tussauds:  September 10, 2020


Return:  September 11, 2020 - NCMBC Parking Lot



                                    1st Deposit - $117.00:  Due January 19, 2020

                                    2nd Deposit - $117.00:  Due February 16, 2020

                                    3rd Deposit - $117.00:  Due March 15, 2020

                                    4th Deposit - $117.00:  Due April 19, 2020

                                    5th Deposit - $117.00:  Due May 17, 2020


Payments may be given to:  Henry or Patricia Bolding (352) 861-2307

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