Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


The New Covenant Good News Club staff participated in the Dr. N. H. Jones Fall Festival and helped spread God’s Word by distributing free Bibles to anyone who requested one.  Thank you to our GNC Volunteers.  Good News Club meets Monday at Dr. N. H. Jones.  If you are interested in joining this ministry, please contact Sis. Dee Tanner, Team Leader; any member of the GNC team or the church office.  We welcome you! 



All new members who have not completed their orientation are encouraged to attend a new members class.  New Member Orientation classes will take place on a quarterly basis.  Any cancellations will be announced prior to and in advance of class time.                              



I would like to commend you for supporting the church’s food pantry.  Over the countless months, you have provided an avenue for the church through your canned goods and recyclable soda cans donations to help provide local community families and transients with food or meals via gift cards.


However, because the church is currently undergoing renovations, we have no available storage space for the food or aluminum can collection.  Therefore, we have suspended the Food Pantry Ministry collection until further notice.  Once the renovations are completed, you will be notified of a new collection start date.


Thank you for your benevolent and active involvement.

Submitted by Herman Brown and the Food Pantry Ministry



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