Bible School and ALL weekly ministry meetings are postponed until further notice.  We are attempting to comply with the CDC directive to limit the movement of people during the COVID-19 Virus pandemic.   Bible Study may be viewed each Wednesday on Facebook.


May Birthdays

Stine Fulton

Dea. James Smith

Maxine Jacobs

Stacie Neasman-McFatten

Lula Cayson

Sarah Ginlock

Linda Lowe

Darnell Ingram

Ruth Nelson

Pastor Stanley M. Jacobs, Sr.

Esther Wright

Fred Smiley, Sr.

Elaine Moore

Jousha Wright

Elvira Washington

Jeanne Emmons

Inell Burgess

Mary Jo Rivers

Warren Barrett

Tanya Epps

Cedric Sims

Azaria Roberts

Myrna Miles

Clyde Neasman

Gerald Colyer, Sr.

Estella Frazier

Robert Wilkes

Daquan Hamilton

Sharon Sinha

Angela McCants

Tamera Pugh

Ra'Niyah Dauphin

Eugene King

Vance Forte', Jr.

Xavier Anderson

Ardwenia Johnson

Monica Jacobs

Reeshemha Anderson

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May 26, 2022        Last day for Students in Marion County Public Schools

                                                         May 30, 2022           Office Closed for Memorial Day Holiday