New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Stanley M. Jacobs, Sr.

Window Application Bible Study


I have included with this month’s newsletter a Bible Study method that might help some of you as you continue to study the Word of God.  The Window Application is simple to use and can help you to see the principles taught within a passage of Scripture.  Start with one passage of Scripture and complete the windows by answering the questions provided at each window.  What are the needs or problems of the people in the passage?  What actions did God take to provide a solution?  What was the people’s response or what was needed to obey God?


After you have completed the windows, study your responses and determine what you should do if a similar situation should arise in your life.  Have a blessed Bible Study!


                                                          Blessings to All


    People’s Need/Problem           God’s Action/Solution         People’s Response/Obedience