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New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Stanley M. Jacobs, Sr.


October is National Clergy Appreciation Month. I started my ministry in a small rural church in northwest Marion County with about 20 members. The congregation grew to just over 200 in time. In those days, I was able to know each member by name and make home, hospital, and nursing home visits on a weekly basis. I enjoyed that close relationships and considered it a blessing to serve the families. One of the most difficult adjustments I have had to make as a pastor is come to understand that I cannot provide the same hands on ministry for 1000 as I could for 200. There are still struggles in my heart over this reality.


A great blessing to me and this congregation is our Visitation Minister. Rev. Gerald Colyer has a heart for people and has dedicated himself to this ministry. Knowing the quality of his care and concern has help me in this transition. I am sharing this because I want to encourage those of you who will to show him some appreciation during this month that has been designated as National Clergy Appreciation Month. He has not asked for any recognition or gifts. It is on my heart to encourage you to do this. If you have ever been hospitalized or in rehab, you know the value of having someone stop by just to say hello and pray for your recovery.