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New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church

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All new members who have not completed their orientation are encouraged to attend a new members class.  New Member Orientation classes will take place on a quarterly basis.  Any cancellations will be announced prior to and in advance of class time.

Next Date: December 29, 2018       



The NCMBC 50+ Ministry has been soliciting the recycling assistance of the church family since 2015.  Many of you have responded abundantly to the recycling requests in the collection of empty aluminum soda cans and various other aluminum disposables.  Recently a charitable neighborhood in Marion Oaks has joined us in our cause to enhance our recycling program.

Initially, New Covenant stocked and maintained a food pantry in the Fellowship Hall.  The food donations were disbursed to feed the hungry and need in our community.  Periodically, a canned food drive was announced the church family generously responded to replenish the pantry.  This process to this point has worked somewhat efficiently.  However, a new initiative has been formulated that will serve dual purposes:  Continuing to feed the needy with jar and canned food items (we will no longer accept boxed items) and by recycling “going green”, which helps us to keep the environment clean.

The proceeds from the redemption of the can collection has allowed us to add an addition to assistance to include gift cards in $5.00 and $25.00 denominations.  I’ve been working with Rev. Colyer, who coordinates the gift cards and food disbursement as the base of our charitable program that is working very productively. He disperses the $5.00 cards to transients for a meal redeemable at a local fast food establishment and the $25.00 cards are dispersed to families to purchase food items that we don’t stock, such as perishables, fresh vegetables and dairy products which are redeemable at local supermarkets only.

New Covenant is one of the sources in this community to address this need and we are encouraging you to continue to support this mission by donating your recyclable aluminum items.  Recyclables can be placed in the recycling receptacles in the Fellowship Hall near the back door.


Beginning in 2019, New Covenant members will be asked to donate “currently” dated canned food on a quarterly basis.  A receptacle will be provided in the main lobby of the church during those appeal Sundays.  Church Pantry quarterly dates will be included in the Sunday worship bulletin, PowerPoint announcements and monthly newsletter.

Your generosity in the above mission requests will be a blessing to others and we will be following Christ’s mandate to us.  I appreciate and thank you so very much for all that you have done and will continue to do for Christ and this mission.  God bless you all.

For more information, questions and to volunteer, please contact Bro. Herman Brown or Rev. Gerald Colyer.

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